IO 1

Taking into account the topics highlighted by experienced advisors in entrepreneurship and cooperative work, and placing additional emphasis on social responsibility, the partners put together a curriculum, based on 4 different modules that together form a comprehensive course on management for a cooperative venture. Drawing upon the Partner’s experience and the framework outlined in the application, the development of the curricula was furthermore guided by findings from the needs analysis conducted in IO2.

The four modules focus on different, but equally important, aspects of starting a cooperative as a team of entrepreneurs. And in addition to the comprehensive core management topics, we focus also on matters of social responsibility and sustainability issues. Such topics are highly relevant to current management education and giving them space and resources in the modules we hope to equip trainers and advisors to better tackle these important matters. Once the findings from the Gap analysis of IO2 became clear, the partnership had the opportunity to refine what had already been planned for the COPE curriculum.

COPE IO1 Modul 1 Classroom

COPE IO1 Modul 2 Classroom

COPE IO1 Modul 3 Classroom

COPE IO1 Modul 4 Classroom

Module 1 COPE Cooperative business model

Module 2 COPE Financing a cooperative

Module 3 COPE Cooperative governance

Module 4 Challenges for cooperatives

COPE Learning outcomes