TPM-Transnational Partnership Meetings

Our COPE-project started up at the same time as the COVID-pandemic. This naturally had major consequences. The projects that are financed from the Erasmus+ program are projects whose main purpose is for people to meet and exchange experiences and build a common understanding around various issues. Because of the pandemic, we had to redo our entire planning of our transnational partnership meetings. The first four were held entirely digitally. The first physical meeting was held in Iceland in May 2022. One and a half years from the project’s kick off meeting.

TPM 1 Kick off meeting December 1st 2020 Digital

The kick off meeting was not held in Iceland as planned. Due to the pandemic situation Coompanion Östergötland invited all partners to a digital meeting on the 1st of december.
The main purpose was that all project participants would introduce themselves to each other and that all different areas of responsibility were clarified.

TPM 2 14-15 th of June 2021 Digital

This meeting was hosted by SERN. Here, the various assignments that each partner organization had within IO2 (gap analysis) and IO1 (the learning model) were presented and discussed. Quality assurance, dissemination, project management, reporting.

TPM 3 6-7 th of October Digital

The third meeting was hosted by Bifröst.
Focus was on the developing of the Learning model – Status of IO1, milestones and deliverables. Presentations, follow ups and discussions also about IO2, IO3 and IO4. Also, presentations of different good practices. Stories from local contexts. Quality assurance, dissemination, project management, reporting.

TPM 4 25-26 th of January Digital

Coompanion Östergötland hosted the fourth TPM. Focus on the interremistic report, IO1 the progress of the learning model and IO4 how to best work with the transformation of the
learning model to the e-learning platform. What is possible to include into the platform?
How do we want it to work? Quality assurance, dissemination, project management, reporting.

TPM 5 30-31 st of May ICELAND

Host for the meeting was Bifröst University. Finally a physical meeting!!! Hurray!!! It is noticeable that we humans are physical beings. We really need to see each other physically to understand each other deeply. After a year and a half behind computer screens, we got to meet in the dramatic landscape that Iceland offers. It was lovely and much needed. It gave our work and our partnership an extra boost. Focus was getting the Learning Model finished.
The model has 4 modules. One of the partners are responsible for each one. Deadlines for the work was set to work with the upcoming pilot training (IO3). Quality assurance, dissemination, project management, reporting.

TPM 6 20-21 st of September Caserta ITALY

Host for the meeting was ICARO. Focus for the meeting was a presentation of the finalized modules for the Learning Model. We made some interesting study visits to cooperatives in the area. Quality assurance, dissemination, project management, reporting.

TPM 7 22-24 th of March Romagna ITALY

In Forli, Italy we made several very interesting study visits to cooperatives in the region. We reviewed the material in IO1 in the training model, partners shared different Sustainability exercises, what should we practice, help for advisors: gender equality – anti-discrimination inequality, Good health – Work environment

We discussed the Gamification part in the E-learning platform as well as planning ahead in the project.

TPM 8 5-6 th of July Nicosia CYPRUS

Host for this meeting was CARDET. Results of the pilot-training, discussion, feedback, reflections; platform, sharing impressions, discussing possible adjustments; translations and Etc. Multiplier event – planning, questions. Quality assurance, dissemination, project management, reporting. Ideas for future projects, potential future cooperation.