Multiplier Event Island

Bifröst University planned an internal multiplier event, but participation was limited. To further support the dissemination and multiplication of COPE’s results, our findings and teaching resources were presented by Bifröst University at three different conferences, of which two were Icelandic and one was an international conference held in Frankfurt Germany.

COPE was presented at the conference of the Icelandic Cooperative Society, on October 29th 2022. The conference was held to commemorate Jón Sigurðsson, former rector of the Cooperative College in Iceland (Bifröst University’s predecessor), and attracted speakers and guests with various ties to cooperative work and the cooperative movement.

Secondly, the project COPE was presented at Menntakvika, on the 29th of September 2023. Menntakvika is Iceland’s main conference on education, hosted annually by the University of Iceland’s School of Education. COPE was part of the session on Innovation, education and development projects, chaired by Oddur Sturluson from The Innovation Center of Education science. The Workshop attracted 15-20 Icelandic researchers and practitioners.

Thirdly, COPE was presented at the 9th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise, in Frankfurt Germany, September 11th to 14th 2023. EMES is Europe’s main Social Economy conference, attracting around 300 researcher and practitioners from around the world, focusing this time on “Social enterprises and cooperatives for more resilient economies and societies”